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While photography has been a longtime passion of mine, I decided to put some of my photos into a coffee-table style book a few years ago. Everyone I showed the book to absolutely loved it, so I decided to put the book up for sale, and was quite surprised at the amount of interest it initially generated.

One big problem I ran into was that I did not have a designated place on my website to showcase the book, and my web design skills at the time were not very good. Well, that all has changed, and a designated store to showcase my work became priority number one when I redesigned the site to a much simpler and elegant interface

I only operate this site as a hobby, so all sales are made through external companies. They will handle all of your payment information, customer service, and everything else. I chose these external companies on the basis of what I would want in a retailer (user-friendly shopping experience, clear descriptions, friendly customer service, etc.). Whenever I post something to any of these stores, I always order at least one of them to ensure people purchasing my work get the highest quality shopping experience they can. Happy shopping.

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